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The Reality Twister T-Shirt - Black

Introducing the one and only Johnathan Smith – The Reality Twister, your go-to guy for a laugh-out-loud, mind-bending extravaganza! This Comedy Hypnotist & Mentalist is not your average performer – he’s the maestro of hilarity and the commander of mind-blowing moments.

Known for gracing the stage in “Hypnosis Unleashed” with Kevin Lepine at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Johnathan has taken his comedic prowess and mind-twisting talents nationwide. From corporate events and private parties to colleges, theaters, and comedy clubs, he’s left audiences in stitches and scratching their heads in disbelief.

But hold on, there‘s more to this Reality Twister – he’s not just a sensation in the physical realm; he‘s got a massive social media following, making him the internet’s favorite funnyman. His online presence is so big; even the virtual world can’t escape the twists and turns of his comedic hypnotic journey.

When it comes to providing world-class entertainment, Johnathan is the real deal. Guests at his shows aren‘t just entertained; they’re left flabbergasted, wondering if they‘ve stumbled into a parallel universe of laughter and astonishment. And guess what? They’ll be talking about their experience for YEARS. Yes, you read that right – YEARS.

In a world where the need for human connection is more crucial than ever, The Reality Twister steps in as the laughter-inducing superhero we all need. He doesn’t just bring people together; he fuses them with uncontrollable laughter, gasps of disbelief, and moments of sheer joy.

So why not let Johnathan Smith The Reality Twister sprinkle some comedy hypnosis at your next event? Picture this: your guests laughing, gasping, and possibly suspending their disbelief for a few glorious minutes, all while enjoying the sheer astonishment that only The Reality Twister can deliver.

Comedy Hypnosis Show with Johnathan Smith aka The Reality Twister

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